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Thank you...

to the BIA Members, the Ladies at the Lake Committee,  Southampton BIA Retailers, Accommodators, Service
Businesses and Contributors!!

41 Turner Street 
Thanks to Martino for the wonderful fruit trays!

155 High Street
Sarah, your donation of a gift basket for the Scavenger Hunt Winner
was fantastic.  Thank you!!!

291 McNabb Street
Thank you Kendall for adding such great products for the swag bag!


HWY 21  
WOW!  What a great idea for an event - unleashing our horse power– with horses!!  Thank you, Rebecca!


505 Alice Street
Thank you for having a re-set the morning after the night before!!


173 High Street
Dave, Donna and Rita, you started this event and we love what it's become!  Thank you for hosting an in-store event and contributing to the Swag Bag.


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